When it comes to a articles I love writing and reading them but with a packed schedule it is so hard to find time to actually make them. Therefore I decided to make an article calendar. It is only for the next month and so but I thought it would be nice to give you a heads-up. I am not a hundred percent sure about this calendar and might post a day or two after but at least this will give an idea of the articles I am going to be writing. Of course my articles are almost all about autumn so I'll include when that will change.

As a type a person it kind of freaked me out how unorganized my Weheartit page is.

I'll also start a tag soon. I don't know anyone on Weheartit and I've only been on for a few months so message me if you want me to tag you and I'll tell you what the tag is about.

Sorry if that's not how it works, again, I am new to Weheartit.

So let's begin!

I'll try to post every Tuesday and Friday but if not I will on Saturdays and Wednesdays sometime.

Tuesday, October 16

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I'll post the one 100 questions tag I've seen been done by a handful of people.

Friday, October 19

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Okay, I'm pretty sure I won't be able to post next Friday so I'll probably do Saturday. On Friday I have a half day but have to hang out with like, five different friends separately and I don't know if I'll have time. But I'll be posting my routine.

Tuesday, October 23

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The article will be days of October.

Friday, October 26

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What to do on Halloween article. This is a hard one because this year I don't have school on Halloween because of conferences so I have no idea what to do before nightfall and I can't be the only one.

30, October 30

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Sadly, I can't do a Halloween article but will be doing the Movies to Watch in Fall! Which is a one I've been wanting to do. Later that day will be a Books to Read in Autumn article, also one I've wanted to do.

2, November 2

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When the day rolls around I will start my first ever tag. It will be a word of the season. I've checked to make sure there isn't already something like this. So basically it can be for any season of the year. Preferably the season that it is. I will give an example. I already have a collection for it but it is empty. It will be what word you pair with the season. Further details will be in the article.

On November 24 I will stop posting anything fall/autumn and start with Christmas, snow, and winter themes.

That's all for now!

, xoxo Katherine