I know national coming out day was yesterday but I had a lot on my plate. so today I am coming out. I am bisexual and genderfluid. I have known this since I was ten and have just come to embrace this, my freshmen year. I have tried to embrace this since I was in 6th grade but my parents won't support me. they don't want a daughter that is "different". they told me that I couldn't be myself.

3 months after Love, Simon came out I had my dad rent it. I watched it and sobbed. my thoughts got dark and I was upset the rest of the day. the thought that stays with me from that is why won't my parents let me be me. it haunts me every night that I can't be myself.

I told my friends. My friends are the ones who support me and I don't know what I would do without them. They understand my days and my pronouns and they use them.

just know if you can't come out I understand you. but we are powerful human beings and we can be who we want to be. I love all of you.