I spent the day in bed with Faith. Kissing, cuddling, laughing - all that good stuff. I never expected anything more than a friendship, but when she told me she liked me more than a friend, I thought I'd give this a shot.

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So far, so good.

She leaned over my bed and moved the curtain to view outside. "It's nice out today. Let's spend some time in the woods," she suggested. "Yeah. Let's do that. I have to take care of my plants, too," I said. She turned to me and smiled. I pulled her closer and kissed her forehead. "I could stay here for the rest of my life," she told me. I smiled. I haven't introduced her to my mom yet. I don't think I will. I don't need anyone's approval. I know my feelings and I know what makes me happy.

We headed out around a half hour later. I started by climbing trees and walking barefoot in the woods. I rarely wear shoes. And my shirt always seems to come off, too. Faith does not mind.

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Faith was listening to music as I was taking care of my plants. "I think the plants want some music," I said jokingly. She took out her earbuds and put them on the plant. I laughed.

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I was running out of room. I wanted to build a house for myself in the woods. I just had to work longer hours at the body shop. Speaking of the autoshop, Raven and David were stopping by tomorrow morning so I could take a look at their motorcycles.

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"I love watching you with your plants," Faith said, taking a seat on the floor. "Why?" I asked, watering them. "You're in your element. I can feel it," she explained. I smiled at the answer and then kissed her on the lips.

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