Ciao, hearters
Today I'm gonna give some advice for feeling less alone and more in this world.

The Real Meaning Of Loneliness

Loneliness is the unhappiness that is felt by someone because they do not have any friends or do not have anyone to talk to.

Loneliness in the literal sense is that condition in which we feel we want to talk to someone but nobody is there to listen to us. But is it actually true or is just a feeling?

I'm gonna answer for you, it's just a feeling. No one is physically alone unless it pushes people away.

Figure Out Your Solitude

First of all, try to understand why you feel this way. Is it a feeling or something happened that made you feel like that?

Try to understand why and work on this.

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Talk or Write Down your Emotions

One of the remedies for solitude is to talk about it. Talk to a friend, with a relative, with a teacher, whoever you think is willing to listen to you.

If you believe that no one will listen to you, or you're too shy to talk about your emotions to people because you are afraid of being judged, I suggest you start a diary. Not a common one, but a Feelings Diary where you will overturn all your emotions and it will be like having a best friend or something like that.

It helped me a lot. It could be a notebook or a file on your computer, or why not? A blog if you like to write.

But remember, this is just a temporary solution.

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Go out and Have Fun

The second remedy for solitude is to stay with others. You're with your friends and if you do not have any friends, then try to do school activities that force you to be with people. I know it could sound brutal, but the only way to change is to start somewhere and live on ifs and on buts has never helped anyone. You have to overcome your limits and you will find out that there is a way out there.

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Listen to Music

Sometimes all you need is to listen to comforting words.

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I recommend some of the songs that always inspire me when I'm down.

  • I'll be good - Jaymes Young
" I'll be good and I'll love the world as I should."
  • Liability - Lorde
" I'm a little much for everyone."
  • Shallow - Lady Gaga ft. Bradley Cooper

It's OK to Be Alone Sometimes

Remember, it's okay to be alone sometimes. It helps us to better understand and take care of ourselves. Only there we know who we deeply are, but there must be a balance between loneliness and company.

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Thanks for reading. See you soon! ✨

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