It’s all about you
You made me fall in love
Then you left me at the bottom
And you raised yourself
Am I wrong? Did you leave me?
All I can think about right in this time
Is that you don’t want me anymore
Or you’ve found someone who is better than me
As I can see
You don’t care about how broken I am
And you don’t understand the over heavy emotions I have
I have too much love and care
Also too much of hate and anger
One is yours
And the other is mine
I love you and care about you
But I hate the times when you ignore
And get angry when I see you living normally without me
Am I this bad for you?
Or you just can’t explain?
I can, I can explain
I can explain why I do all this shit
But you seem like you don’t give a fuck
I apologize for my over hated feelings
But this is what I have
Don’t leave me please
You’re my last hope
I told you a million times before
That I will kill myself after you
You’re keeping me alive
You’re my breathe
You’re my blood
You’re my soul
How can I live without you?
Don’t leave
Don’t ignore
I need you in my life
You know better than anyone else
How much I am in pain
And how psycho I am
All I wanted was to love you more than anyone else
I am a psycho
I wanted to tell you
But you don’t care
I knew that from a long time
But I lied to you so you love me
I am sick, I can’t be treated
I can be healed with you
Please, I need you to talk to me
All my tears are falling for you
And my blood too
I bleed very hard because of the cuts you made
Every time, in my heart
Your name never leaves my mind
Your picture is saved in my memory