Ahh, yes this is obviously my first article and yes of course I don't expect people to see this, anyway let's get on it with it.

Well I lost a lot of friends not because I did something wrong, It was because my decisions were different I am not sad to see them leave because I knew that my friendships won't last long, there are many reasons to begin with and thats not what this article is about, it's about how I dealt with it,

1- Find new friends, of course socializing is hard, very. But when you find someone with same interests might be alright, you might think it may not work out, then find new ones! But you gotta make sure to separate your real life problems out of your internet persona, because no one knows how to help you in your problems, they aren't a shoulder, I am sorry if this is coming out rude but it's honest opinion, for many people internet is a escape from reality.

2- Try to calm yourself down with things that distract you, Honestly this tip won't work the most but it will work a little because distractions make you forget things the most, make sure to be completely distracted, as I said you won't be distracted for long.

3- Talk your feelings out, I know it isn't that related to this topic but when talking everything out you get that feeling of satisfaction where some of your problems are gone, talk to somebody you trust about this matter of losing someone.

4- Change back to who you are, I really do recommend this one, as people change a lot when they meet different people as much as they change as much they forget, you gotta start from scratch how you started to gain friends as for me I really didn't know how I started off, first thing I remember I started off as nice and all, and as time goes by I was pretty different from where I started off as, I really recommend starting from scratch.

5- Try not to make the same mistake, Of course it's not their fault at all the time, it's sometimes your fault for letting them go and just go and think about the times where you did wrong to them how would it make you feel in their position? If your friendship fell apart because of personal problems, I am not gonna go through that topic, try to make yourself better in these kinds of problems and make sure to think they might feel, for me personally I think we all have problems and we aren't perfect as we think we are.

And that is it for this article I am not sure how people would respond to this but that's okay I would love reading comments! I might have missed a few points but I apologize! before all the grammar fix! English isn't my first language! Thanks for reading bye!