Hi, guys. As a big fan of horror movies I came with some movie indications for you all. I will start with some less scaries for the ones who don't like a lot of this movie genre, to the most scaries for fans like me.

Happy Death Day (2017).

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This movie isn't this scary, but I really liked it. You can find some dark humor and we have this main character that really fights for her life, maybe that's why I just recommend this movie. Especially for you that don't like a lot of scary movies.

I know what you did last summer (1997).

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I'm sorry, I juts needed to put a classic one.

Carrie (1976).

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You might never seen, but for sure you heard about this one. The classic movie inspired on Stephen King's novel. PS: If you don't like old movies you can watch the remake from 2013 with the amazing Chloe Moretz, I totally love her.

Chucky Child's play (1988).

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I really laugh with this movie even being a horror movie. So, if you don't like horror movies a lot, maybe you can have fun with this one.

Split. (2016).

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You may disagree with me, but I think this movie is really good, because of the acting and the feeling of "what will happen next?" that I just felt till the end of the movie.

Final Destination (2000)

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It's a serie of horror movies that started in 2000 and different of the others there's more blood and deaths. Instead, it isn't this scary, just let you kind of anxious for the next death. But really worth it to watch.

Resident evil (2002).

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Inspired in the game, I think this movie is one of the most known scary movie and mix horror with action. I really love it.

Quarantine 1 and 2 (2008/2011).

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Inspired on R.E.C movies, Quarentine is the American version and I totally love it, but this one is really scary, so I indicate for scary movies fans.

Wrong turn (2003).

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Another serie of movies. This one is my favorite EVER and it's only for the ones who really love scary movies, cause it's the most INSANE in this list.

Saw (2004).

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The last serie of movies and just to insane as Wrong Turn movie.

So guys, I tried not to put the same movies as a lot of articles here. I hope you all enjoy it and maybe for the next article I will do just a Netflix horror movies indications. Let me know if you agree.