After hearing the news of my father's death, I rushed home. Leighton and I were barely on speaking terms, but I needed to be there. I walked up the stoop and dug in my bag to find my keys. Shit. I forgot my fucking keys. "You forgot your keys, didn't you?" Yoshi said. I glared at him. "Now's not the time," I responded. He knocked on the door. Mabel opened it. Of course she's here. "Hi," she said, moving aside. I ignored her existence and walked in. Leighton got up from the couch and ran to me. I hugged her tightly. "He's gone...he's gone," she said through sobs. We slid to the floor and cried on each other.

Yoshi and Mabel gave us space and went to the kitchen. I heard him whispering to Mabel, telling her I wanted revenge. That was personal. I wasn't going to fight with him now, though. It wasn't the right time.

Raven cleaned up the mess with David. As tough as I appear to be, I wouldn't be able to clean up the murder scene. Magdalena cooked food. Matilda helped and made me food with the blood Raven picked up. Tatum did the laundry, dishes, and took care of the cats. Jasper came later on with Faith and lightened the mood with games and movies. Our circle was growing smaller by the day, but I was grateful to have their help.

I was grateful to have such a forgiving sister. I've treated her like crap because she's gay. She's always been there for me. It's none of my business who she fucks. I love her no matter what. Tragedy does bring people closer together.