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This time I would like to share with you some tips on how to sleep well.

As you might know, sleeping comfortably and without interruptions has a lot of benefits. In general you have to sleep at least for 8 hours; this helps your mind by improving your memory, creativity and mind impulses but it has also benefits, for example, it slows down aging and it makes you lose weight.

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My daily struggle sleeping is FALLING ASLEEP. I take a lot of time falling asleep, mainly because I'm always using my phone before sleeping, in fact, the first tip I want to give you is:

1. Create a comfy zone

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Some hours before bed, turn off the lights and try not to use your phone. These sensorial stimulations make you feel like you're ready to sleep and they also increase melanin that controls your sleep.

#2. Make a sleeping routine

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Try going to bed and waking up almost at the same time every day. doing so, you will create a sleeping routine and you get used to falling asleep earlier and more easily.

3. Read a book

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Reading a book or focusing on a relaxing hobby that does not involve the use of technology, can help you by making you more relaxed and ready to fall asleep.

4. Choose your outfit for the following day

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Choose what you're going to wear the next day, so that in the morning you have some more minutes to sleep. Therefore, having everything ready for the next day allows you to sleep more peacefully.

5. Have a "goodnight" tea

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There are some infused teas that help you sleep better, like chamomille tea, valerian tea and other different kinds of teas that have a calming effect. So, drink a cup of tea before going to bed and you'll sleep better.

(Careful, don't drink too much before going to bed or you'll wake up in the middle of the night to go peeing, lol)

Bonus tip: avoid drinking coffee after 4pm if you notice you are not sleeping well at night!

Okay, that's it! I hope this article was helpful and, if you have some more advices to give, feel free to write me anytime!
love, Yara


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