(adj.) - color of humanity. it represents everything we live and breath for.
rose, red, and flowers image Image removed
i loved him and it felt red.

the breaking:

i lost my faith in the summertime,
when my dreams turned to nightmares,
back to the day where you brought down
the world i knew.

you left me in the summertime,
i left you in the summertime,
hot outside, cold inside,
tears cried, love nullified.

let's be friend instead, that's all you told me,
the more i stayed, the less i loved myself.

pain to the bones, regrets none,
pill to the brain, needle to the vein,
in my blue eyes, the light dies.

will you ever think of what you've done?
no matter what i won't come undone,
red passion left me, won't you disagree?


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