Name: Araminta Thickey
Blood Status: PUREBLOOD
Mature image
stars, blue, and constellation image stars, aesthetic, and blue image book, blue, and ravenclaw image blue, aesthetic, and ravenclaw image
intelligent, wise, sharp, witty, individual
Temporarily removed girl, style, and beauty image
long wavy brown hair and hazelnut eyes
harry potter, wand, and ollivanders image Temporarily removed
english oak wood, 13'' in length, phoenix feather core, unbending flexibility
Patronus: FOX
fox, art, and drawing image fox, animal, and nature image
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his name is Mr. Filch.
Favorite classes:
harry potter, hogwarts, and plants image Temporarily removed magic, crystal ball, and witch image gif, harry potter, and runes image
Herbology, History of Magic, Divination, Study of Ancient Runes.
Favorite places:
harry potter, train, and hogwarts image harry potter, weasley, and the burrow image harry potter, snow, and hogsmeade image harry potter and three broomsticks image
Hogwarts express, The Burrow, Hogsmeade, The Three Broomsticks.
harry potter, ron weasley, and ron image Temporarily removed harry potter, hedwig, and owl image Image removed cedric diggory image harry potter, hp, and weasley image
Best friend with Harry, really close to Hermione, Bill (even if he isn't at school), Neville, Draco and Cedric. In love with Ron.
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