Take a deep breath
stand up from your bed
leave the pillow that's soaking wet
from your tears of desperation
from your unbearable agony

Listen carefully
to these next words of mine
Let this message
scream louder than all the cruel voices
in your head

I know nothing of your pain
or what you've been through
All I know is
life should always win over death
because If your heart stops
your lips will remain frozen
for eternity
and you will never smile again

You don't know everything
about your greatness
Your poisonous thoughts
have painted a devilish reflection

You're living in an unreal world
Where you're hated and despised
Where you can't find happiness
no matter how hard you try

I don't care
what you've heard all your life
I don't care
if every single person you've met
has made you feel worthless

your past means nothing
but your future means everything