First thing you should know about me, I'm stubborn and hard work. I will argue with you over little things, but please don't take it personally, its the way I deal with my feelings. It will take a while for me to truly give my all to you. I have a past that takes time to uncover, a past that hurts, a past that still has the ability to control the way I feel in the present. But please try to look past that. Because of that, I've become the person I am today, the person you are hopefully falling for.

I've only ever loved one in my past and I don't think I'll ever be able to forget him or how I felt for him. But the love I felt for him is very different to the love I'll feel for you; first loves always are. He left me with pain and fears that, sadly, you'll have to help me through; panics over something very small that seem irrelevant. So I understand that you might resent me for that, but please stick by me.

I will love you with all I have; give you everything I can physically and emotionally give. You'll be the centre of my life and I'll only ever want to make you happy. I will love you unconditionally! I will never leave you to question what my feelings for you are, and I pray you do the same for me. I don't play games, I'm straight up and what you see is what you get. Just allow me to have time and space when I require it, as I will do for you.

The last thing I want to say to you is, Thank you! Thank you for sticking with me through my hard times as well as my good. I promise I won't make you regret it.