To live big or to live comfortably, or to not live at all.

Between living for yourself and living for the sake of others,

If people didn't hate or self-diagnose, or self-medicate,
Think of all the things that we could have prevented.
You talk about what you love with passion and the moment your knocked down, you diagnose yourself with a suffering that you don't need

If someone degrades the value of your life would you let them?
Would you sit in your room at night and honestly nod your head convincing yourself that they're right

The deaths and the suicides,
The unnecessary hurts and cries,
For goodness sake's
We could've changed minds,
We could've changed the world,
Opened the doors that had never quite been truly opened.

Imagine a world where you didn't need to hate, cheat or lie about what you preach.

Where you didn't need to be scared of what people think on simple things like 'what's your favorite beach'.

Where people don't self-impose and force on you their favorite clothes.

Where you weren't determined weak or strong based on your physical or mental capability hell who am I kidding it doesn't even exist.


When you're born do you truly hate,
Do you know what love is?
What hurt is?
Do you determine if someone is good based on their physical appearance or do you simply like them because they are them.
Do you like them because they love the things you do ?
Or do you love them because they love you just as much as you love them?

If you understand the power of what each of your words hold, whether a single letter or a full blown speech you will understand that they are the manifestations of you.
Every breathe you take,
Every word you speak is enough to make or break someone.
How are you to know what a person is going through?
Nobody wears a sign on their back with the story of their life and what they're going through.

People suffer and you wouldn't even know, because as its said even the brightest smiles hide the saddest faces and it is so true!

Now i don't know how many people will see this heck maybe it'll be me who just re-reads this time and time again but what I do know is that if someone does read this I want you to take away one thing.

If this world has the potential to become a better place it's going to start with you, one kind word can change the world.
It won't become anything like heaven and it won't happen overnight but I know for a fact that when I was struggling if the people that spoke to me didn't say the words they did I do not honestly think I would be here.

You are all good people! sure you've been hurt or you're going through a tough time but that's no excuse to be a shitty person if anything use that anger, the sadness, the angst, every single negative emotion you feel, harness it, use it to weld that darkness rumbling inside of you into something beautiful and be the light in someone else's life

As I always say,

If you can't live for yourself, live and become the light for someone else.
it will change your life.