basic info.
name: kana fukushi
stage name: kana
birthday: 29.05.1998
birth place: tokyo, japan
nationality: japanese
zodiac sign: gemini
siblings: sota fukushi ( japanese actor )

height: 161cm
weight: 49kg
eye color: black
hair: light brown

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positive traits:

negative traits:
•likes to be alone
•shy & quiet around strangers
•food fighter


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idol friends

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yuri ( snsd ), eunji ( apink ), siwan ( ze:a ), jaewon.

name: d'or
stylized: 𝓓'𝓞𝓡
agency: sm ent.
fanbase: dd's ( daydreamers )
music genre: tropical house, rap+rnb

members (5)

- hwang nayoung ( nana ) leader, lead vocalist, dancer korean
- kwon narae ( nari ) vocalist, dancer, face of the group korean
- kana fukushi ( kana ) rapper, visual, dancer japanese
- lee raon ( raon ) main dancer, vocalist korean
- rika suzuki ( rika ) maknae, main vocalist, dancer japanese

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nana, nari, kana, raon, rika.