Temporarily removed sky, purple, and clouds image aesthetic, lean, and water image purple, aesthetic, and neon image
1- Favourite colour?
delicious, milkshake, and drinks image Image removed coffee, drink, and food image cafe, coffee, and coffeehouse image
2- Favourite drink?
animal, filter, and monkey image Image removed animal, monkey, and nature image amazing, animals, and monkey image
3- Favourite animal?
art, Basketball, and field image Basketball, theme, and aesthetic image workout image sport, feed, and roleplay image
4- Sports I play
meme, captain holt, and reaction image orange is the new black, netflix, and oitnb image funny, Jerry, and summer image Image by silv
5- Favourite movies/shows
adidas, pink, and aesthetic image black, brand, and low image Image removed golf, golf wang, and aesthetic image
6- Favourite brands
aesthetic, alex, and guys image sticky fingers, aussie, and aussie band image theme, frank ocean, and rp image tyler the creator image
7- Favourite bands/singers
cartoon network, 90s, and cartoon image pink, makeup, and glitter image Image removed Mature image
8- Childhood memories
donuts, food, and pink image very gourmand image Temporarily removed food, pasta, and tomato image
9- Favourite foods
Image removed japan, city, and tokyo image Inspiring Image on We Heart It summer, travel, and pool image
10- Places I want to travel to