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Welcome to one more article! Today I bring you an article that I know we all love, lots of ideas to do in the fall! One of my most popular articles was what I did last year of "60 fall ideas" so if you want to take a look I'll drop you down here! Hope you like it! Thanks for 4.6k! You can join me on Instagram @wtvjeni. If someone wants to make a collab, just send me a message.

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Try new recipes

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I could say, make the apple tart, or some food that has pumpkin, but no! The idea here is just cooking, if you want to make typical autumn dishes, great, if you do not want dozens of dishes of your choice. You can start with the easier recipes and make it harder, here the idea is to have fun

Decorate your house

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If you still don't live alone, you can always decorate your room in a more autumn spirit. You do not need to stuff it with pumpkins or Halloween stuff, you can just use the colors that remind you of autumn, like orange and yellow. Of course, don't forget lights and candles.

Read a book

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You have millions of options, but I wanted to leave here an article I saw, from books to read in the fall and I found them sensational! My favorite is Milk and Honey!

Try Halloween Makeup

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I don't even need to talk about this. If you try Halloween makeup you have to attend a party, or of course make one! I'm not saying that you need to emulate those complex make-ups, you can start by trying the easiest ones!

Watch movies or series related to autumn

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Is there anything more cozy than being on the couch with a blanket watching a movie on a rainy day? No! I advise horror movies, they are the best for this time.

Take a lot of pictures

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Is there anything better than going into the autumn spirit to take photos? After that you can still edit and post them on Instagram!


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Enjoy this time, to go with your friends and make lots of purchases! Buy clothes that you need and some that you were already watching! This is the perfect time.

Look for autumn backgrounds for your phone and computer.

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This is a very fun thing, you can search here at We Heart It or another social network!

Dedicate a part of your bullet journal

This is one of the funniest things! You can put so many things, I found this article that has wonderful ideas to do in bullet journal!

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