The bright sun hits the car of a young woman who was wearing a white, tied up at the neck, sundress and brown flats. She drives down the scorching hot road playing “Sweet Home Alabama” as loud as her car would let her when she sees a white pickup truck on the side of the road selling flowers and pulls over to take a look. “Howdy there little Miss, how can I help you today?”, said a middle aged man smiling, his cheeks, rosy from the sun. “I would like some rosemary, sage, and daffodils”. The man happily complies and begins to grab the desired flowers and a paper to wrap the flowers around and tied it together with a thin piece of rope and handed it to the young lady “so, what are these flowers for? A lover of some sort, to liven up the home?”. She smiles at him as they exchange the vivid flowers for a worn and torn ten-dollar bill, “They are for a funeral- my sister’s, I’m on my way right now”. His face became puzzled by my purchase in the flowers I chose and the way I was dressed, “I don’t know if you’ve ever been to a funeral or not but, that’s not the type of flowers you bring to a funeral, nor clothes you wear to a funeral”. Her faces becomes slightly flushed and smiles bashfully as she explains herself. “When my sister was still alive, she put in her will that she when she died she wanted a funeral that was like a wedding because this was a new chapter in her life that she was gonna live, where she would be healthy and happy. She wanted everyone to wear white because white is a symbol of happiness and she wanted us to be happy she was no longer in pain. The daffodils represent a new start for her new home away from home, the sage represents hopes for her to enjoy her new home, and the rosemary represents remembrance of everything she was and will be.” The man smiled in reassurance and spoke kindly, “Your sister was wise. Tell her that I hope her new life will be prosperous.”, the woman smiled happily at the man as she open the door, “Will do!”, proceeds to hop in the car and drives off.