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Contouring exists out of highlighting and shading to add shape and definition to your face.

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  • The most important part about shading is choosing the right color

For a natural look, you don't want to shade with strong saturated browns!
Less saturated, softer and brighter browns should be used.

  • If you don't shade correctly, your make-up will look awkward and the contouring effects you want will not be achieved.

You have to choose a color that will look natural against your actual skin tone and most like it could be your actual shadows.

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  • Then pinpoint your facial borders. The most outward points should be the darkest and as you work your way in, the color should get lighter.
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  • Forehead

Apply along your hairline from each side in a curved motion to create a rounded forehead.
TIP: If your hairline is crooked, take a small stiff brush and an eyeshadow that matches your hair color. And use it to fill in your hairline and even it out.
Brush vertically back and forth.

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  • Cheekbones

Start from the top of your cheekbones and brush downward along the outer edge of your face.
Then blend in a zigzag motion downwards.

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  • Chin

Start from underneath it and shade in your jawline.
Brush up and down and the shading you create will make your face appear more slender.
Also shade in the very tip of your chin.

Do the same for the opposite side of your face.
Instead of doing one big sweep, shade section by section.

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  • Nose

Mark the outer borders of the tip of your nose. And then blend outwards. Don't go past the nostrills!!
Shading just above the tip adds the finishing touch (leave a little lighter space between the tip and this line, like a little circle on your nose). This will make your nose look sharper and more defined.

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Highlighting is much simpler than shading.

  • All you have to do is apply highlighter on the protuding points on your face.

In contrast to shading, you start from the center of your facial features and then move outward, getting lighter as you go along.

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They come in a variety of formulas, colors, and degree of luminescence. Choose the one based on the effect you want.

  • Pearl Base
  • Liquid Highlighter
  • Stick Highlighter
  • Powder Highlighter

For beginners, it's better to choose a product that isn't so sparkly.
I recommend products with a beige sparkle rather than white or gold.

  • Natural effect

After applying your skincare apply a luminizer (base or liquid type). Apply on forehead, nose, chin and cheekbones.
Then apply foundation directly over it. This way you'll get a natural glow.

If you use a product that doesn't have a strong pearliness or sparkle to it, it might not shine through your foundation.

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  • A more stand out look

MIx the foundation and luminizer in a 2:1 ratio mix.

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  • The most intense look

Apply luminizer over your foundation (liquid/stick/powder) and then blend it in.

For liquids dab.
For sticks draw a line.

This way the pearliness of the products will lie directly on top of your skin, and since it will not be covered by anything, its effect will be strong.

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  • TIP: For people with bumpy skin and large pores, use primer before your foundation to create a smooth/even surface. Otherwise flaws will show even more.
  • Beige tinted luminizers have the most natural effect overall. But for the cheeks I recommend using a light sweep of pink toned luminizer for a lovely look.


Bronzer is a brown make up base with gold and beige pearly tones that is used to create sun-kissed looks.

  • For people with darker skin, instead of using luminizers, bronzers will give a much healthier looking glow and glamorous look.
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Body balm

This is a luminizer for your body.

  • In the summer apply on your arms, legs and collarbones to add sparkle. It will make you look slimmer.
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