Today we will speak about looks, how it affects our lives, especially in business world, where you must care of every detail, because you dress how you want to be addressed! Every step, move, action, clothes you wear, says a lot about your personality. No matter how much we claim that soul is important and our look is not the main thing, actually they both are! Because they are connected to each other, your thoughts and mind dictate your style.

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Why hundred of brands make and improve their packaging if looks are not important? I am not comparing us, humans, with things, but think a bit... Our eyes are made to see, not to rule, but we must use them wise! (no matter what this all will make us think, and wonder a bit) that was just a small digression...

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So let's come back to the main thing, the appearance...If you think all on you must have a brand name, or to be expensive, no way! Just simple, classy, and professional, nothing less, nothing more. There was never a rule that expensive things must look amazing on you, sometimes they could ruin whole outfit, but sometimes they can add a lot to it, everything is relative here, that is why I say to use your eyes wise!

Even if you maybe try to hide yourself your style will reveal you, that is your mirror, mirror to your mind and soul.

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Match materials, colours, use your imagination and ideas, rock your outfit, and care that outfit will add more confidence to you to achieve your goals, or make you uncertain (this is the last thing we want). Take care of the way how you walk, speak, your manners and hairstyle (never let your hair to hide your face...your face must be well-seen, if you want to send a signal of seriousness).

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Don't run for money! Mind your business only and work, enjoy what your are doing and money will run after you, trust me, sometimes when you think you are losing it you actually get it! Like a magnet...

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Be polite, improve your vocabulary, know many languages, impress people, and smile! Smile everywhere no matter what. Walk confidently, with attitude, like a boss babe, queen and business lady, like you have already everything! Love what you are doing and do what you love, without pressure, stress or being nervous, because that can be felt too...Your problems you must leave at your home, just dress well girl and forget all at working time!

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Don't wear high heels, just normal ones, care of your skirt length (enoguh to hide, and enough to show!), always, but always have your watch with you and never be late! That is the worst thing ever, no one will ever respect you if you don't respect their time. Every second is important when we speak about business time, time is money here!

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That is all for today my ladies! Stay classy and bossy until the next time! Kisses...

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