This is me
Age: 18

1) outward apperance

blonde, girl, and hair image hair, blonde, and hairstyle image
mid-length blond hair
Abusive image clothes, fashion, and fashion inspiration image
body: okey, so in theorie: really hot (nice butt, bigger boobs, flat stomach..) in reality: small, so like a semi really hot potato
chloe and hedvig palm image nails image
blue / green eyes
fashion, dress, and style image fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, style, and jeans image
clothing style

favorite color(s)

aesthetic, amazing, and beautiful image Image removed cat, animal, and grey image pink, rose gold, and silk image
aesthetics and beige image beige, clothes, and aesthetic image flowers, aesthetic, and beige image aesthetic, beige, and coffee image

signature strength: hope
secundary stregths: optimistic, confident, fair, awareness, happy soul, idealistic

weaknesses: naive, indesive, spoiled,
also: i can seem judgemental and arogant from time to time


Image by alice_penna
book, coffee, and bed image aesthetic, green, and book image
friends, bitch, and quotes image
hanging out with friends


arte, artwork, and astrology image taurus image
Temporarily removed city, view, and room image
interrior desing and architecture
art, monet, and van gogh image book, picasso, and aesthetic image

random facts:

Image removed cat, animal, and pet image
i have a cat
Temporarily removed aesthetic, drink, and brown image
if you didn´t figure it out so far, i like minimalism
brown, plan, and sweater image aesthetic and white image soft, theme, and beige image friends, phoebe, and funny image
i love organisational stuff (sometimes i feel like a japanese mum)

That´s all for now