As cliche as it sounds
friends can truly become like your sisters
through shared joys, tears and heartbreaks
for my friendships I'll do what it takes
'cause we need each other in a world full of fakes


Aurora has a heart made of gold
she loves deeply but remains bold
She's such an intelligent girl
with a bright future ahead of her

We met in the seventh grade
when our childhoods had began to fade
We've always read each other
as well as we read our favorite books
It's like we've shared a special bond
ever since our first "hello"

Aurora knows me better than I know myself
She will always keep my secrets
and even if my life turns into a nightmare
she will stay to bare it all with me

She is loyal, strong and independent
but never condescending
She cares for justice, she has a tight moral code
but she won't judge if you choose a questionable road


Serafina has a complex mind
she is a storm but aims to be kind
She is a performer with a hundred roles
each one built to achieve different goals

She is a damaged girl
full of demons that are hard to control
and her heart has never really been whole
She is a damaged girl
but she has come so far
one day she could really become a star

Serafina and I met by a strange coincidence
and I started to see her uniqueness
once she told me what lied beneath the surface
The voices in our heads communicate well
and we understand each other's hell

She is such a special girl
always able to light up the room
I hope she realizes her worth one day
I hope she finds her own way.