Hello, this is my first article! My name is leah;)

⁎This is going to lean towards a more natural makeup look, just personal preference⁎

Fresh Face

This is the most important step of any routine. You want your face to be clean and moisturized for your makeup to lay on beautifully.

start off with a face wash.

I use one that was prescribed to me by my dermatologist if i was doing my makeup during the morning, and any clean and clear face wash if i was doing it at night.

moisturize, then prime.

Moisturizing is necessary, because a dry face will make your makeup look crusty and we don't want that. After my face is feeling smooth, i wait a couple of minutes for it to set in, then i apply my primer. I use the Maybelline baby skin instant pore eraser primer to minimize my pores and make my makeup last longer.

Makeup Base


For my foundation, i use the Rimmel London match perfection and apply a tad bit because i don't want my face to feel heavy. I use a beauty blender and make sure to blend it all the way down to my neck.


You can color correct, but i just go in with my Maybelline fit me concealer and use it on my pimples (if i have any that day), eyelids, under eyes, and around my lips. I blend it properly and set it immediately with my Rimmel London stay matte powder.

Bronzer, Blush

One of my absolute favorite steps is bronzing up my face and adding some color to my cheeks. Personally, i think this step adds so much life to my face which is why i never skip it! I use the Benefit Hoola bronzer, and Avon russet blush.

⇢ Highlighting

Highlighters can make any look stand out whether it's a natural or a full glam look. My current highlighter is Wet n Wild crown of my canopy and i dab some on my cheek bones, nose tip, nose bridge, cupids bow, and inner corners of my eyes.

Eye shadow, Eyebrows

Honestly, i don't like using eye shadow so i just smear some lipstick on my eyelid and blend it. It works just as well and goes on very smoothly! For my eyebrows, i only brush them out since they're very dark and already shaped.


Eyelash curlers are such a life saver. If you have extremely straight eyelashes like me, you can understand the struggle. I prime my lashes with the Benefit they're real! primer and the Benefit they're real! mascara, my two favorites.


glosssssssss gloss those babies up. Lip gloss is all i'll ever use.