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Halloween is near and to enter the mood, I had this idea of telling you something new. Ive never seen this kind of articles here, but well, I wanted to tell you the horror experiences Ive had IN REAL LIFE.

All of this stories are one hundred percent real.

Before we begin, here are some suggestions that will make the article better:

1) Read this before going to bed or simply at night
2) Turn off the lights (this is a most do)
3) Listen to creepy instrumental music while you read (I recommend scary soundtracks)
4) Read this while you are alone
5) Enjoy!

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Let’s begin.

1) The yellow “thing”

This happened on a Saturday night. Back at the time I lived with my grandma. My family (meaning, my parents and my sister) had gone out without me (I dont remember where were they), so me and my grandma were the only ones around. We had two dogs (great danes) who were very good guardians. They usually barked at the door when someone or something suspicious was on the other side. Our house had a front door, a very big garden and a door on the street. The dogs lived in the garden that was in-between both doors.

On that night, they suddenly started acting very weird. They were barking loudly, but not at the door... at the nothingness; they were making weird sounds too, like crying and howling, and were running from side to side like crazy. This was not common, as they were usually very obedient dogs. Honestly, I was freaking out because I thought something was wrong, so I opened the door to look at the garden.

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From the distance I could see the garden gate, and even though the trees covered it a bit and the night was really dark, I saw a figure. It was not an animal, nor a person, it was just... a thing.
It was entirely yellow, from head to toe, and had no facial features.
It did, however, had fingers, and watching its hands made me realize that whatever this thing was, it was facing my direction. I knew it was watching me because it had its arms extended in the air and its thumbs were facing its faceless head.

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I stared at it for about 5 seconds, and at first I couldn't feel fear, because I simply couldn't believe what I was watching; but suddenly it dawned on me that it was watching me and of course, I closed the door in panic.

I still wasn't sure it had actually happened (even though I saw it so clearly), so I actually opened the door again, like they do in horror movies, and confirmed that it was actually real, and still there, facing my direction, waving its arms.

I ran in panic and told my grandma that I thought someone was breaking-in. She was alarmed too, but she was braver than me, so even though she had to use a walker, she went to take a look at the door. When we finally reached it, the yellow thing was gone, and the dogs were calm again.

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This happened to me about 4 years ago, when I was 16 years old, so I was no longer in the age when you tend to imagine scary things at night. I was at the age when you just know it is actually happening before your eyes. I now know that dogs can actually sense things we don´t.

After this happened, I remember spending many hours on the internet trying to find any information about it, I looked for a "big yellow creature", a "tall monster with large hands" and for a "faceless yellow ghost", and nothing was ever found.

2) The Convent

Back in September 2016, I was in my last year of high school. Since our time at that school was ending, we usually had lots of celebrations and special field trips for our generation. However, our school was catholic and so our first trip was to a convent inside the school's property but far away from the school itself and from any other building or sign of civilization. When we got there my best friend Dam and I were very excited, as well as the rest of our classmates, and we were determined to enjoy our stay.
The first thing they asked us was if we wanted individual rooms or if we wanted to share a room with someone. At first I hesitated and told Dam that I thought it was really exciting to have personal rooms (since this place looked more like a hotel than a religious convent) but then she said she didn't really want to be alone and so I changed my mind and realized it would be much better to spend time accompanied. A decision I would be thankful for later on.

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The day went by real quick with activities, games, talks and delicious meals. That place seemed calm and fun during daylight hours.
At night, we didn't really want to sleep. It was the first night of our lives together so we considered it as a sleepover. Girl's dormitories were separated from the boys and the teachers had different rooms on a different floor of the building as well; so basically we could stay up until late if we were quite enough because they warned us that we shouldn't make a lot of noise. They said that if we weren't quiet, miss Ana or one of the nuns would come to reprimand us. We weren't afraid of them but we do feared that the priest would punish us since he gave us classes and could easily give us bad grades if miss Ana told him that we were noisy.

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At first we were trying to speak really low. We knew that a group of about 10 girls had gathered together in one room to have a sleepover too so when we realized how much noise they were making, we stopped being careful and talked and laughed louder, knowing that we wouldn't be reprimanded without them being first.

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We were really enjoying the night, making jokes and gossiping while we were already in bed with the lights turned off. Our room was like a small hotel room, just with one bed, a desk for one person only and a bathroom, so we didn't have many more options but to stay there while we talked, which was good because we thought that whenever we got tired we would easily call it a night and fall asleep real quick. Although they would wake us up at 7:00 am, our plan of chatting until we felt tired wasn't working because we weren't sleepy at all. At 1:00 am, suddenly our strong laugh was interrupted by a very clear and consistent knock on the door. We thought it was a teacher and froze in terror, even though we should have opened the door right away, we stayed there for about 30 seconds discussing who should go, since we were both scared of some authority calling at our door. Dam went and when she opened it there was no one.

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It weirded us out because we didn't hear any footsteps getting away and we felt the presence of someone standing there on the hallway waiting for us to open. After that, we talked about the possibilities of it and we had two theories: the first one was that the girls from the sleepover were messing with us as a prank and the second one was that miss Ana came to tell us to be silent, yet we both knew her well and thought that if it had been her, she would have said something like: "Natalie, Dam... please keep it down and go to sleep immediately"; so we really began wondering if it had been someone else.

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We kept talking however, because we didn't want it to ruin our night and we both reached the agreement that if however it was knocked again, we would run to the door and open it within seconds, so that we would catch the person in the act. Yet, despite that promise, we soon began feeling very paranoid and we could only think about the noise and the weird atmosphere it had created. At that moment we realized it was possible that whatever was out there was not a human being. We weren't laughing or gossiping anymore but discussing what it could be. By then we realized that we were now talking very low and not making loud noises at all, so we thought that if it had been a teacher, she wouldn't do it again and they would tell us in the morning why they went to our room. I remember that sometime between 2:00 am and 3:00 I told Dam: "I don't really care if it's a nun, a priest or a teacher. I don't really care if this affects my grades; by now I just want to know that it is a person out there and not some sort of ghost or anything like that".

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Then, at 3:00 am, while we were still awake and knowing that we would only sleep 4 hours, we heard the knock again. We were both pretty paranoid but as we had promised, we both jumped out of bed and ran to the door. The bed was close so it took about 3 seconds to reach it. When I was opening it I realized I was more anxious to know what it was than scared of knowing the truth so I had a real urge to find out. Four seconds must have passed between the moment we heard the knock and the moment we opened the door; and the hallway was way too long, with rooms separated by a distance of about 3 meters between each, so it was DEFINITELY IMPOSSIBLE that someone had knocked and then runned that distance without making any noise. We just stood there for a second and we looked quickly from left to right. That's when we panicked. We closed the door firmly and ran to the bed. We said nothing for a minute and then we agreed it would be best to sleep, since it was late and we were panicking. I had trouble sleeping though. I hated that feeling that there was someone on the other side of the door. But I did manage to fall asleep... for a while.
It didn't stop there.

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Between 3:00 am and 5:00 or 6:00 am, when the sky was still dark, we heard a tremendously loud noise in our bathroom. The door was closed so we couldn't see what was happening in there but it sounded like there were hundreds of bottles or things made of glass falling and breaking. We were exhausted from the lack of sleep but it was so powerful it woke us up the second it started. Dam even thought I had fallen down and woke up screaming: "Natalie, are you all right?!", to which I answered: "I'm right here". We looked at each other with fear, not daring to get up or move or speak. After 5 seconds that seemed like an eternity, it stopped and then the only really loud noise was the one of our hearts, real quick and strong. We were both terrified and thought we wouldn't sleep a lot after that, but we did fall asleep again and managed to get up minutes later in the morning.

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We spent the next day asking every single girl (and even some of the boys, just in case) if they had done that as a joke but none of them admitted that they had done it; and honestly, we believed it. Some other girls, however, said that they had heard the same weird knocking noise throughout the night, but weirdly none of them had heard any glass breaking and no one had broken any of it either. We also asked the teachers if one of them had supervised our floor that night and they said that no one had been there.

We still don't know what happened that night of paranoia, but now we know, thanks to the school authorities, that many priests and nuns died in that convent and that some of the teachers have seen them around at night.

3) The kitchen

This one is short but I just wanted to tell it because it is the most recent creepy occurrence that has happened to me and my family.

We live in our current house since 2 years ago, and since then my mom has seen a mysterious girl wandering around the house sometimes.

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The kitchen and the dinning room have a very large window that faces the garden and the street. She has seen her standing on the street looking at the house. When she saw her, she actually thought she was a normal/alive/maybe lost kid, so she was intending to go ask her if she needed anything -however, my mom said something about this girl was just to scary, you didn't want to go near her. Besides, my mom says she can see the aura of people sometimes, and that this girl had none. She said that somehow she just sensed that this girl had no light inside her anymore.
She also got goosebumps just by looking at her, standing firmly there, so she went to her room and called it a night.

We didn't really believe a lot what my mom had said because no one else was there whenever she appeared. Until this one night...

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My sister was doing her homework in the dinning room, facing the window. The kitchen was next to the dinning room, only half-divided by a small wall.

Without even a backwards glance, she saw a shadow walking in the kitchen and she clearly sensed the presence of someone there passing by.

She thought it was me and asked me to bring her something from the kitchen, but I was in my room, so I yelled "What?" from the opposite side of the house.
That's how my sister realized, someone else was in the kitchen.

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She came to my room, crying because she was genuinely scared (and yes, she is 18 years old). She calmed down afterwards, but to this day, she still swears she saw and sensed someone there, and she says that it´s one of the most powerful sensations in the world.

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And that's it for now, guys.
I know this article was too long, but I really wanted to share this stories, and I truly hope you enjoyed them.
Thanks for reading.

Also, if you guys have any real horror stories you have experienced, feel free to submit them to me and maybe I´ll do another article like this but with testimonies from followers.

Happy (future) Halloween!

Till next time,