Hello lovely hearters! It is now October, a.k.a. one of the best months of the year. The trees here are almost all fall colors and I even went apple picking yesterday. The rain has been coming and going but it is still warm considering that I live in the rainy parts. To celebrate that Autumn is officially here with you I am writing the Ultimate Fall Bucket List.

You have no idea how glad I am to finally get this out since I have been working on it for the past two weeks when ever I can. School, friends and family, studying and everyday stuff has kept me busy. Yes, some of the stuff on this bucket list is becoming part of my daily stuff because why not? It IS FALL after all.

So after your done with this article I encourage you to get off of the electronics and do at least one thing on the list.

In the past years I have been to caught up idealizing the season - and this goes for all seasons - and making bucket lists that I haven't done anything but the basic have about a cup of apple cider, carve pumpkins and go to a football game. That is normally the only fall stuff I do. Reflecting, my falls haven't been what I have wanted them to be in the past. But I want to make this one the best one yet!

I hope that I get you into or even more into the autumn spirit by this and help you have THE BEST AUTUMN EVER!

P.s., Sorry about my inconsistency with the fall and autumn.

Here is my other Autumn Bucketlist:

And this is the Article that inspired me:

1. Make Apple Cider

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2. Go Apple picking

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3. Make pumpkin pie

autumn, fall, and pumpkin image

4. Go to the pumpkin patch

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5. Buy fake pumpkins for decor

autumn, mini, and fall image

6. Have a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks or a local cafe

autumn, fall, and coffee image

7. Go through a corn maze

autumn, fall, and leaves image

8. Go through a hay maze

No pic avible

9. Make a pumpkin spice latte

autumn, fall, and coffee image

10. Buy some pumpkin spice chai lattes

autumn, cook, and eat image

11. Wear a flannel

autumn, fall, and cozy image

12. Go to a bonfire

fire, friends, and marshmallow image

13. Go to a haunted house

red, house, and aesthetic image

14. Roast marshmallows

fire, marshmallow, and food image

15. Go shopping

autumn, city, and fall image

16. Decorate the house

autumn, fall, and home image

17. Put up halloween decor

arbre, automne, and autumn image

18. Make chili ( with fritos is amazing)

19. Go out for brunch

coffee, food, and breakfast image

20. Make pumpkin pancakes

pancakes, autumn, and food image

21. Go to a local cafe

Temporarily removed

22. Make a fall bucket list

autumn, fall, and Halloween image

23. Make a fall playlist

sweater weather, the neighbourhood, and Lyrics image

24. Bake-a-thon

food, autumn, and fall image

25. Have a movie marathon

emma watson, logan lerman, and movie image

26. Light a candle and bathe

bath, candle, and cozy image

27. Walk and look at the scenery

autumn, cold, and color image

28. Jump in a pile of leaves

Temporarily removed

29. Eat candied apples

candy apples and yummy image

30. Eat caramel apples

food, apple, and sweet image

31. Be in a haunted house

( no pic available)
32. Listen to Thriller

glee and thriller image

33. Watch horror movies with friends (bonus point if it is at night)

ahs, bed, and cozy image

34. Create a weheartit autumn collection


35. Attend to a Halloween party

Halloween, party, and bucket list image

36. Or host a Halloween party

Temporarily removed

37. Watch as the birds migrate

autumn, bird, and crow image
38. Eat a lot of candy
autumn, fall, and Halloween image

39. Go to an Autumn festival

light, autumn, and christmas image

40. Binge watch a show (my favs for Autumn are The Office, Friends, and Gilmore Girls)

Abusive image

41. Have a bullet journal

bullet journal, cute, and bujo image

42. Get a calendar and go to the October section to see what pic it is

drawing and bullet journal image

43. Dress up

fashion, outfit, and style image

44. Hang out with friends

autumn, pumpkin, and friends image

45. Volunteer

art, quotes, and volunteering image

46. Dog walk

road, dog, and snow image

47. Watch a seasonal Charlie Brown

autumn, charlie brown, and cozy image

48. Go on a hike

autumn, leaves, and october image

49. Try catching leaves

Image removed

50. Admire the beauty of the season and it all

autumn, fall, and rain image

51. Learn to moonwalk

art, Billie Jean, and fun image

52. Make a pinterest board of recipes

coffee, autumn, and fall image

53. Remake one photo from the internet or a past photo

autumn, fall, and girl image

54. Visit a local farmers market

fruit, peach, and food image

55. Or a local antique store

vintage, bike, and old image

56. Have a 90's and 80's movie marathon

Clueless, 90s, and movie image

57. Find the perfect Pandora station for fall vibes

Temporarily removed

58. Movie marathon

Temporarily removed

59. Look at Autumn bucket lists

october image

60. Make a scarecrow

scarecrow and season autumn image

61. Rake your lawn

autumn, leaves, and fall image

62. Knit

camera and cozy image

63. Clean

home, interior, and living room image

64. Spend time dedicated to you and self-love

girl, friends, and beauty image

65. Make a new recipe

winter, marshmallow, and chocolate image

66. Try a new restaurant

autumn, food, and pizza image

67. Go to a football game

girl, friends, and friendship image

68. Visit your favorite Autumn destination outside of your town ( bonus if you stay overnight). This place is one of my favs and there are so many other waterfalls around this one and a tiny cabin below this fall that will sell fudge. I go there many times a year and the nicest little town is near by. It is just the best honestly. But I think last year some teenagers lit the place on fire to the point that there was a big forest fire that went across the river into another state. The falls survived but almost all the trees are at least half burnt. Okay, I'll shut up now.

photography, ponte, and instagram image

69. Toilet paper mummy someone

( no pic)
70. Autumn photoshoot

autumn, fall, and girl image

71. Drink hot cocoa

fall, pumpkin, and autumn image

72. Go camping

Temporarily removed

73. Dance in the rain

rain, love, and couple image

74. See a musical

map and car image

75. Take a spontaneous road trip

map and car image

76. Build a blanket fort

Temporarily removed

77. Sit near the window and listen to the rain

autumn, fall, and pumpkin image

78. Take in those last moments of sun

autumn, leaves, and fall image

79. Sleep in

cat, aesthetic, and cute image

80. Take a photo everyday

autumn, fall, and leaves image

81. Create a mood or vision board

autumn, mood board, and autumn mood board image

82. Work on the Thanksgiving menu

Temporarily removed

83. Have the best Halloween candy in town

autumn, fall, and marshmallow image

84. Create an autumn lookbook

85. Pick out a pumpkin

autumn, pumpkin, and fall image

86. Have fun!

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autumn, fashion, and style image autumn, bridge, and fall image autumn, fall, and pumpkin image fashion, sweater, and autumn image

Thank you for making it this far! I hoped you like it and I will start an article schedule soon. Sorry if I repeated anything. May you be inspired for autumn vibes or something?

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, xoxo Katherine