1. 10 things i hate about you

10 things i hate about you image

2. Clueless

Clueless, quotes, and 90s image

3. Dirty Dancing

dirty dancing, dance, and movie image

4. She's all that

2000, movie, and vintage image

5. Titanic

titanic, kate winslet, and leonardo dicaprio image

6. 16 Candles

sixteen candles, 80s, and Molly Ringwald image

7. The Breakfast Club

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8. The Object of My Affection

Jennifer Aniston and paul rudd image

9. Pretty Woman

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10. Say Anything

Say Anything, john cusack, and love image

11. Nothing Hills

love, Notting Hill, and julia roberts image

12. Father of the Bride

movie, 90s, and father of the bride image

13. Sabrina

-sabrina image

14. Runaway Bride

horse, julia roberts, and style image

15. Pretty in Pink

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16. Ever After

drew barrymore, ever after, and movie image

17. Ghost

ghost, love, and Demi Moore image

18. The Outsiders

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19. Can't buy me love

can't buy me love image

20. Steel Magnolias

dolly parton, julia roberts, and love it image