Hello again, sexy reader!
(Maybe you don't know that I speak Spanish, and this is my way of practicing my English. So, I'm sorry if something is not well written. And if you want to practice your Spanish, I invite you to read this same article in that language, just look for it in my page)

Today I feel a little romantic, almost coming to the corny, and take advantage of that feeling to talk about something so cute, the beginning of a new love. And don't tell me you hate love, we all need it even if it's a damn sometimes.

Returning to the topic...

It's nice when you start liking a person and you're not expecting him/her to like you. You just like it and already... you like how it smiles, how it laughs, how it looks at you, how it makes you laugh, how it improves your day with its presence or a message from you, how it cares about you for minimal things, or how it makes a scene to see you happy.

Like a touch of the hands, or a shy kiss on the cheek are the best feeling in the world. In the beginning everything is so incredibly corny, you love everything about that person, how he/she smiles at you, how she raises her eyebrow, how his jaw marks when he eats, how he leans on his arm when he is bored or how she looks when she is focused, how it helps you in what you don't understand, or simply her/his way of expressing, of thinking. It's so tender in how we concentrate only on those little things that make a person unique and special.

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It's cute, you know? When you start liking a person again and you just let that happen, you only rejoice. You don't force anything, you don't expect it to correspond to you, you have great expectations but you don't give it that much importance, you simply like it and it is probable that you don't do anything, you just leave everything to the hands of time. And it's good to feel that way, light, fun and without compromises, you don't have to make a thousand and one attempts to get their attention, you just have fun as if it were the first time, with out disappoint, with out sadness, you just enjoy it.

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Maybe at some point the situation will increase the intensity and something more serious will happen, or maybe everything will be summarized to those days, anything can happen. But I just wanted to focus on that first chapter, at the beginning of a great love story, or well, just the beginning of a short but very funny story.

Have fun, don't stop, enjoy those new beginnings that life gives you, maybe the end comes very fast, or maybe not, but what matters is that you were happy for a moment, you deserve that.

Kisses, Lys

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This image is very funny, I loved it, and I had to publish it