Right now I am a ghost of who i used to be
I'm a nightmare for everyone who cares about me
I am a sickness when i told hem about the voices inside my head
I'm a sad song if any musician ever wrote about my life
I'm a problem if you ask the persons who took me home when i was drunk
I am the selfishness in person causing crying here and there
I am the cowardice waiting for others to speak for her
I'm the ugliest thing a mirror has ever seen and that's why it broke
like my life
that's why i know today I killed myself
because before all of this
I was the perfect dream person to be
I wasn´t a lot of echoes
I was a magistral orchestra and not a mess of sounds
I was beauty with a touch of strength to say everything
because i didn't need a drop of alcohol to say what I thought
so who i am?
I am the murderer of my own sanity

I'm back with a note I did some days ago
image from:@mutedbarbie