Waking up outside on a cotton candy cloud,
So sweet and tasty the sky looked.
A green fence appeared in front of me
it looked at me, it empowered me.

A ray of light hit my eyes.
A monarch butterfly appeared
so beautiful, it looked at me.
I saw my reflection in its wings.

I became a child.
The monarch went through the hole of the fence.
My small hand reached through nature.

Its body got bigger and so did mine.
I grabbed it by the wings.
I gave it to the queen of nurture.
It turned into a dove
with colors of a monarch.

The dove became a heavy feather.
She released it from her hands.
It became a butterfly under a bush.
The green fence was gone.
I was an adult.

The butterfly began to nest
releasing her eggs, hiding them from society.

Waking up inside a room full of mirrors.
My reflection was a butterfly with feathers.