This will be the continuation of my last article, but this time i will write Quotes from some Korean Dramas...
Hope you like it and have fun reading it...

"Don't cry too much.
Don't beat yourself up for too long
But never forget what happened..."

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-While you were Sleeping-

"We tell lies
To protect something
Or to hide something
I guess...
his lie was the same case..."

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-School 2017-

"The things you really want to forget
You remember them forever...!"

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-Just between Lovers-

"Life is a momentary thing...
You come & You go"

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"Do you know, why
You are unhappy?
Because ...
of the gap between
what you want
and the Reality."

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-Weightlifting Kim Bok Joo-

"There is always
Hope,even in the
Bleakest moments..."

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-It's ok that's Love-

"Everyone has their moments,
But it all Passes.
If you just endure it a little,
it will pass."

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"If you let yourself be Crazy,
it's simple.
Don't look back
and regret it,
just go for it..."

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-She was Pretty-

"Even though the world isn't always beautiful,
it isn't always cruel either.
Not all Poems are beautiful,
but they can be sufficiently moving.
So i hope you can find...
A Poem of your own."

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-Angry Mom-

"What i fear the most is the fact
that i might not have to wait one day.. .
I might wake up one morning
and Joon Young might no longer
part of this world."

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"Sometimes when i say
'i'm Ok'
i want someone
to look me in the eyes,
Hug me tight
and say,
'I know you are NOT...'"

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-Uncontrollably Fond-

"Have you ever wanted to sleep for a hundred or thousand years?
Everything keeps going wrong
and you don't see any hope of it getting better.
You tell yourself, "I'm sure things will get better".
Then another thing goes wrong..."

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-Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo-

"It's good to have big dreams.
Even if your dream is shattered, the peaces are still big..."

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"Even if it's a close friend, you have to speak up if you are hurting.
If you don't like something, say you don't like it.
If something isn't right, say it isn't right.
That way, they wont treat you carelessly the next time."

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-School 2015-

"All of us have lost someone.
Some lost a family member.
Some lost a friend.
Some lost a lover.
Wether the person was kind or evil,
there is no one, who didn't lose someone in their course of life.
Therefore, life is cruel"

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-Suspicious partner-

"Even if you have everything, it doesn't mean you can do everything that you want.
There's a lot more in the world that you can't do....
You have one thing- the present.
When you look back on your dark past, you can't change a think.
Right now, you have the present on top of that, you have the future.
Believe in that.....
You don't believe in that to change something, you believe in it in order
to survive."

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"It's a competition where,
they must outshine to survive.
They can feel the heartwarming comfort.
During the hard times,
because they have the same dream
and mustered courage...
.... together.
And now it's time to say...
... goodbye!"

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-The Unit-

"Even if you hold your tears in,
you won't be rewarded that,
so if you ever feel like crying,
just cry repressing your feelings only
makes things worse for yourself,
and no one will know
the pain your in...."

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-Moorim School-

"Everyone has their own burden to bear,
for some, it could be a responsibility,
for some, it could be an irreversible past.
And for others, it could be even a present relationship."

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-Moorim School-

"Editing is...
giving up.
When you have something good
and something better,
you choose what's better
and give up what's good
you can't have everything,
if you get greedy,
you can LOSE it all."

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-The Producer-

"Is there any opening time
& closing time
for people's feelings,
just like stores?"

Image by Larissa Viana
-Flower Boy next Door-

"Someone who can't clap for his
Friend's success,
and someone who can't truly be happy
for his Friend's happiness,
his HEART is already in hell."

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-Dream High-

"Sometimes a word in a book, sometimes a song in the radio...
Sometimes the radio itself is who brings everyone together."

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-Radio Romance-

"You are always present for time, right?
You always cut me off when I talk.
I often scolded you for being rude,
but I'm okay.
You can do that to me.
You can cut me off...
and grumble at me.
But when you marry someone...
and have your own child in the future,
please try to hear them out.
It'd better if you listen to them
while looking in their eyes.
If you look at someone's eyes and listen to their breathing,
you'll notice things you couldn't notice before.
They might say they're fine, but that's not how they
really feel.
I say everything, is okay,
but the Truth is...
... the Truth is..."

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-Hospital Ship-

"Don't worry about your future before it's time.
You don't know when you need to
take a break.
Running in the rain which you can't stop... equivalent...
to getting wet is meant to happen
in the future."

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-Great Seducer-

I guess that everyone did understand these Quotes and thought about a lot of things, cause when I first read them, I thought about a lot of things and realized things that I didn't realize before....