i actually love to make this kind of tags! i made one of hogwarts if you guys wanna go and check it out, i'll leave my collection of the writings i've made, tags included! i love stranger things so much, it's impossible for me to not make this tag! please enjoy

name paris ghallager
nickname sunflower
age 17
birthdate 11 october

red, lipstick, and aesthetic image lolita, summer, and photography inspiration image


red image vintage, aesthetic, and red image Temporarily removed 80s, 90s, and cherry image
blonde hair with bangs, lips always on red colours and lipgloss, not really tall and thin, small hands with skinny fingers always on pointy nails on red, brown eyes and fluffy eyebrows, rounded nose and long eyelashes.


aesthetic, fishnets, and girl image Abusive image fashion, aesthetic, and indie image Temporarily removed
cherry is her aesthetic, red colors, pink and black. loves short skirts and tight clothes, uses heels or tenis shoes. always on the edge of the 80's spectrum on fashion, rock & roll with a femenine twist in it. her legs are always exposed.


red, quotes, and beautiful image Hot, quotes, and aesthetic image meme, sassy, and that 70's show image quotes, red, and bad image Temporarily removed quotes, words, and run image
very extroverted, out-going and super confident with everything, has her emotions very on the line and is very sassy, witty and complicated. could have 2 faces and change of personality but is very loyal at the same time. will do everything for her friends but it's kind of harsh and could come off easily as a bitch


Mature image chris evans, guapo, and mirada image johnny depp, young, and Hot image Temporarily removed
has three older brothers, chris is the oldest and is 23 years old, is in law school and is very responsible with his school work and adores the gym and working out; the second one is Johny, 21yearss, the artsy and rebel one, love cigarretes and staying up all night listening to the clash (is friends with jonathan) is in art school. Leonardo is the 19 yrs old, is very indie boi, loves the rolling stones, fleetwood and the ramones and projects it on his own band, loves acting and going to the gym; they're all very protective of paris and will fight a bitch for her. their parent is Tim, only parent, their mother died when she was born and since then, she's been the lil princess of the house.


Image removed actor, stranger things, and joe keery image Image by arzu famous, girl, and serie image american horror story, violet, and ahs image Image removed
she's a very extroverted girl, but still keeps her friends close. she's friends with nancy since she's smart and goes to all her extracurricular classes, and because she want's to know more about what's going on in that place; friends with steve since he's friends with leonardo and part of the band, likes to hang out with him ( and his brother ); her lil squad are the most popular girls in school, ariana is the school nerd, is the daughter of a politician and adores to sing in the drama club, meghan adores gossip and is in the school newspaper, and violet is the artsy kind of girls, loves the grunge movement and goes to all the hippie events in town. is also kind of friends with max, is a little help to her since she's not a total bitch and wants to help her 'future sister in law'


Temporarily removed red, bedroom, and bed image
really royal like bedroom, dah!


cat, autumn, and black cat image animal, cute, and rabbit image
the black cat is yeager and the bunny is called satan.

love interest

billy and stranger things image stranger things, dacre montgomery, and billy hargrove image actor, boy, and cast image actor, boy, and cast image
when she came to school, she totally fell in love with him, adored him and would follow him anywhere, he liked her because of her confidence and lack of empathy for the social activities in school, would adore to see her flirt with others just to make him jealous. he would take her to dates and actually trust her to tell her about his house life and how his father treats him, she would stick up for his boyfriend and would support him in everything... and would scare away the thirsty bitches obv.


Temporarily removed Image removed kiss, red, and lips image Temporarily removed
she's a new girl in school, comes in a red convertible and is the new jewel, with cherry bomb in the background she walks the hallways like she owns them and catches the attention of everyone, with little to zero shyness she starts making friends until she reaches nancy, nancy shows her around and becames friends. after that, she enters to the cherleaders trials and meets there billy, they start flirting in that very moment. she helps the group with her financial resources to stop murray from finding Eleven to support his russian conspiration.

loves milkshakes
jealous as hell
rich bitch
drives like a crazy
leonardo is the best brother