Hi guys!!! What's cooking??? How are you doing?? I hope you're all okay 'cause I'm doing pretty alright hahahaha.

Anyway, let's catch to the chase. In the past six months (or more) I've been really into K-pop and stuff and so I really fell in love with K-dramas. They're so dramatic but sweet at the same time it's something I was bound to love.

And this, my dudes, is my top three best K-dramas ( in my opinion and for what I've watched)

-1. My most favourite and one that I got OBSESSED with. STRONG GIRL BONG-SONG. I fell in love with it right away. Just a little background, this story is based on a girl that has a super power, she's extremely strong. She has a crush on her childhood friend but later on... well... you'll have to watch it to see what happens.
I fell in love with the main characters right away. It's not the typical K-drama where the girl is really fragile and needs to be saved by the handsome guy, it's all the way around.
And Park Hyung Shik.... I'm completely in love with him. He's one of my favourite korean actors and not just because he's extremely cute, but overall, I think his acting is different from a lot of other korean actors, I don't know how to really explain it, but you should see some of his work. He also appears in Hwarang so go and check him out.

-2. This was my first K-drama ever and one of the most popular ones. For what I know, it made K-dramas what they are today. It's BOYS OVER FLOWERS, and now I'm currently watching the chinese version that came out last summer and I like it a lot, but I prefer the classic one more.
This drama is basically about a girl that gets involved with four guys. She got accepted into a private school (comming from mid-social class) and gets the attention of this four preppy boys because of her rebelious character. You got to watch to find more about it. I completely love Geum Jan Di, although she should be more honest to herself from time to time.

-3. This third one is kind of related to the first one and the last K-drama I've seen (in fact I just finished the last episode). It's a short drama based in the netflix series called SUITS (that's also how the Korean version was named). The main character, Go Yeon Woo, passes for a former attorney but he has no cualification at all. However, he's extremely smart and makes his way into Kang and Ham, an attorney company, and you'll have to watch it to learn more about it. Here we also have as one of the main characters Park Hyung Sik, that was one of the reasons why I started watching it. At first, I dind't have much faith on it because I'm not really interested in the attorney world, but the first episode really hooked me and In wanted to know more about this fake attorney. I may also be in love with PARK HYUNG SIK, but that's okay hahhahaha.

- Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed it and actually watched some of this K-dramas that I've loved.
Bye bye!!

Your dong dong!