I've been thinking a lot about this lately. After marrying an incredible person from Mexico I have started to learn Spanish.
It's a gorgeous language which brings with it so many beautiful and inspiring cultures.
But with recent technologies like the Pilot earpiece, I've been wondering if soon the need for learning languages will no longer be necessary.
On one hand, this is incredible, being able to travel the world without needed to speak pigeon English or the very little phrases that you know in the language that you all of a sudden forget once in front of a native speaker.
It's a common issue and one that technology might be able to solve, however, where is the accomplishment in that? Will apps like Duolingo or Babble still be necessary if the language is no longer a problem?
How will this affect mediums like the news as they tend to talk about the same thing very differently in different languages?
This may only be short but it was on my mind and I thought that posting it might get it out of there. I'll try elaborate if possible, but for tonight, that's all.