This is for all the boys, men, and anyone that identify as a male. Since everyone always talks about how girls are pretty, and clever, and real life queens and princesses — but i feel like boys don't get that same attention and thoughts. And so, this is a reminder:

that boys can have low self-steem;
that boys can have eating disorders;
that boys can have body issues;
that boys can have mental health problems;
that boys can simply not like ''manly stuff'';
that boys can show emotions, and you're not gonna be weak or less than a man for that;

if girls can be queens and princesses
than you should also be allowed to be a king and a prince

for you are made of galaxies and stardust;
you are made of smiles and laughter;
you are made of beautiful and smelly flowers;
and you can be an angel;
an enchanter;
a warrior;

and anything you want
it's up for you to decide. and don't let anyone else say otherwise

(this article is inspired by a tumblr post from invertedgender and the song ''seventeen'' by troye sivan)

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