A playlist full of my favorite spooky songs.

Cannibal Kesha

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
I eat boys up, you better run,I am cannibal

Calling All the Monsters China Anne McClain

Image removed coraline, Halloween, and makeup image
Heart thumps and you jump, Comin' down with goosebumps!

Disturbia Rihanna

rihanna, beauty, and fenty image girl, costume, and Halloween image
Your mind is in Disturbia,It's like the darkness is the light

Rave in the Grave AronChupa , Little Sis Nora

Image removed
But now, my grandma got a rave,My grandma got a rave,My grandma got a rave in the grave

Black Magic Woman Fleetwood Mac

fleetwood mac, lindsEy buckingham, and stevie nicks image
Yes, I got a black magic woman,Got me so blind I can't see

Ghost Ella Henderson

Image by mischief is in me🃏 Halloween and makeup image
I'm sleeping all these demons away,But your ghost, the ghost of you

Runnin' with the Devil Van Halen

american, australia, and band image Temporarily removed
Least I don't need to beg or borrow,Yes I'm livin' at a pace that kills

Jack's Lament Danny Elfman

gif and jack skellington image Halloween, fall, and autumn image
With the slightest little effort of my ghostlike charms

Monster Skillet

band, skillet, and john cooper image Abusive image
I hate what I've become, the nightmare's just begun,I must confess that I feel like a monster

Dracula Gorillaz

gorillaz and tranz image Halloween, makeup, and skull image
Everybody party time,Some of us will never sleep again

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