19 years old. Single. College.

Had my first love when I was 16. Still in love with him.

Rainy days. Ice cream even on winter.

Music. Really loud.

Dance. Everywhere. Anytime.

Romance. Romeo and Juliet. Titanic.

The Vow. I always cry watching it.

Peter Pan. I still wait for him to come and take me away.

Had too many boyfriends. Didn't love any of them.

Chocolate kisses.

Hugs. Big sweaters.

Cats. Black cats. My cat.

Dogs. Any kinda of dogs.

People who smile. Laugh a lot and loud.

People who enjoy theirselves.

Living your sexuality as you fucking want.

Paint. With your fingers and being a mess.

Songs. Romantic songs.

Dreams. Dreaming about the perfect love story.

Dance. Sing. Again.

Running. Playing. In the streets.

People. Foreign people. Weird people. Different people.

Kids. Kids laughing, Kids playing. Just kids.

Tattoos. Tattoos that mean something. All over your skin.

Stories. A lot of stories from all around the world.

Politics. Today's politics suck. Talk out loud about it.

Me. I laugh cry and talk too much.

When I love I do it with all my strenght so when they leave I'm totally broken but I never stop loving. Loving myself.

Human. WIth a lot of things to do.