Mental Health Day was yesterday and I wanted to write about it in a way that showed meaning. I figured what better way than to tell you what mental health means for me.

First off, everyone has different experiences with mental health, everyone deals with the varying feelings and thoughts that go through our heads. This is why I think talking about my views on mental health is important. Everyone should be able to talk about their mental health in a safe environment.

For me, mental health includes your daily state of mind to something that might be bigger than a little stress now and then.

For me, it's acknowledging how I am feeling and taking the time to reflect on how I can deal with it, whether that means sitting with it for a while or trying to change my mindset.

Mental health is not always easy to talk about but I believe there should be ways for people to express themselves without feeling invalid.
Mental health is...
-as important as physical health
-still not recognized as as important in some cultures when it should be
-a part of living that should not have stigma attached to it
-not a weakness
-not something that defines who you are

There are so many people who have made speeches and have said it in better ways than I am capable of and yet, it is only the beginning to bringing awareness to something that we need to view as important.
For more, see how mental health recognition is supported in your community.

Let me know what mental health means to you!

Much love, and know that you are not alone in your mind and mental health, it is okay to not feel okay,