Day 1

Take us through a written walk down your street and to your favorite place through the eyes of somebody else.

Ok tho, start !

I just go out of my little apartment. Il live in France, in Angers (what a dream city). I'm just at university, for a month. I wear a pant and a shirt like everyday. I decided to go on Foch. It's a big avenue that been renovated few times ago. This place still fresh and white. So I walk through streets and after 5 minutes I arrive at Foch. There are many people. In Angers people are very fancy. Houses are clean and very expensive.
On the avenue, when I walk, I can see many bar and restaurant. There's also shop but not a lot. Before turning in a street that came in the biggest place of the town, I see Mc Donalds and I realize I want McFlurry so much. I go in. I take. And I go out on Foch, Angers.