Hi people of earth, it's your gurl, LittleHwasabi.

So i promised i would do an article at 45 followers so here it is! (nobody's saying anything about the fact it's 49 followers) so i guess i'll just present myself?

i'm a very artistic human being who specially likes to write stories. I've been trying to be aesthetic for like so long but it's not working, so yeah... I still got a few collections that you might like if you check it out (i'm not even sorry hehee).

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so overall i guess i'm a very positive person in life
ughh i'm so awkard
Anyways i just took a personality test and i'm a mediator, so that's nice
if you wanna be friends, you can just text me especially if you're a boy and single i really need a boyfriend right now wait what

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ok so i don't know what else to say? bye bye you're all so fucking beautifulllll

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