To every girl struggeling to live through all those diffuculties our daily life might come across with. You are not alone.
To every girl being strong and brave, daring to break out of the prison society builds aroung us. You get this.
To every girl trying to live their dreams but returning to reality way to fast.
You are going to make the right decision.
To every girl doing something that nobody expected her to do. I am proud of you.
Do not blame yourself no matter your decision. It might become the best one of your life or at least a great experience. Always try to reach your dreams and never move a step away. Do not let anyone discourage you just because they aren't that brave.
You are capable of much more than you think and even though you don't know yet:
Life make the best decisions. Try your best everyday in and out and at the end of the day you will regret nothing. It's not about what others think about you but what you think about yourself: So there is no thing more significant than a certain self-satifaction.
Life is all about experiences.