Hey beautiful soul, today I want to write an article where I give you some career ideas, if you don't really know what kind of career you want to have, let's go!


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It is not very original but I think it's a very good job. For people who like to write, to create, to innovate and to talk about actualities it's a good idea.

Book Editor

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If you like read and to discover new books this career may interests you. A book editor read books that author send him and he decides which books he will publish in his publishing house.

Travel designer

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A travel designer is someone how goes in differents places, visits hotels, restaurants, tourist places, things to visit, place to go ect... and makes a selection list of the things he judges that can interest people for their travel. You can also make choice for someone and organise all his trip.

Event Organiser

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An event organiser can organise specific events, you have too choose in wich way you want to do this job. You can become a wedding organizer, a concert organizer, a party organizer ect.. It can be intresting too meet new people everytime and have fun.

An Author

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I think that everyone can write a good story. If you have inspiration and if you enjoy writing you can try in this way, a lot of books are published everytime, so if you hesitate to try this job, i think you can go this way and see what's going on after.

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That's all for this article, I hope you enjoyed it. If you have question or just for talk my dm are always opened.
Love you all.