But I feel that it is the end
,I do not want to lose,
but if only I play it, it does not do me good
it is only me who goes for you, and you are there,
what I expect from you? It is very frustrating,
that is not the same,
friendship and i... wanted More. I don¨t know. So I am... Intensity.
Maybe we're not together to walk,
but I want more, and you don't realize? ,
and if you try? And if you come and not me?,
and share something more than a song?.
I think when I see you, and you go. And I write it all fast in a notebook. It's night, I'm tired, The truth truth, who is not?. This happens to you when you fall in love, I do not know. Because It's no more easy. Why not buy me more ice cream with chocolate chips?, but I'm not sad. As I am, I don´t know. I just know that everything is fixed by a song. All right, Radiohead, You do your thing: I´m a creep...