I should've known. I felt it and yet I did absolutely nothing. I just ignored it. I pushed it to the back of my head. Two friends dead. Gone. How will I live with the guilt? It's too much. I've been drowning myself in work. Homework, studying, and doing makeup. I've barely hung out with anyone. I've had quick conversations with Sydney and Raven. Sydney is trying hard to see me, but I just don't want to be bothered. Jeremy got the hint and stopped calling and texting me.

A lot of people around school have been requesting makeup appointments. It's cool because a lot of them don't want the typical natural looking makeup. Here are some of the most recent works -

Image by Brutal Fantasy Image by Brutal Fantasy makeup and red image Temporarily removed

Annnd some more -

Image removed Image by Brutal Fantasy makeup image makeup, eyes, and make up image

How long does it take for people to recover from heartbreak? Does it ever genuinely happen or do we push those feelings to a "do not open" file in our brains until they are completely abandoned? Tatum is naturally depressed, I can't even imagine being heartbroken on top of that. How the hell does she keep going?