Hey! What's up? I don't write in so long but I've been very busy with school stuff. School is kiling me. But whatever, I have a break and I wanted to write something. So I'm going to write about what you could do when u are bored because being bored is very normal in teenagers like me LOL


I know what you migth be thinking, 'wtf is wrong with this girl' or 'you sound like my mother'. But I know cleanig my bedroom is kind of bored but sometimes It is the most entertaining thing, I mean I find a lot of treasures or things I thougth I had lost in my mess. And a place clean is a fresh mind. Believe me and do it.

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a clean and tidy place: a fresh and clear mind

I love walking and ciclying, so I totaly recommend to go and get to know your town or pick some cool park and stay there and just see, this world has so many beautiful things that we don't aprecciate and we should. For this you could go with some friend or by your self It depends in you and your mood.

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a good walk never is bad

Well, I love writing, so of cource I have one, I start writing journals since I'm seven years old (I have twenty-one journal all full). I write everything from store lists to my daily days and it is very cool, so if you don't have one go and do it. You will love it, believe me.

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we are writers we don't cry we bleed in paper.
  • DRAW

I'm not a very good painter, but I like it. I love mixing colors and putTing colors in everything. So if you are bored, GO AND PAINT SOMETHING.

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draw your life

Well that's all from now! Hope you like it and you enjoy it!
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