Hi my friends!
Today I will write about my experience on the We Hear it. It means that I will explain how I become popular and how you can be popular. It is not hard but if you really want it you will be it.
Okay, first of all I have a profile on the WHI for many years (Joined on September 8, 2012) and nothing can come so quick. You must to be persistent and of course you must love your "job" here.
So I separate a few essentials items that you need to know so let's go:


Here I don't have many to say. If you want you first name and surname it is okay but it is better to have short and special name that nobody have. It is good because other users will remember you thanks to your unique name.


Of course that you must be kind with your followers. When they send you a postcard you should text them back. If they have some questions give them an answer. And that is it. You should always be good to them and have a great conversation. I think that this is very important!


Okay that is the most important on the WHI. Everything in this app is about pictures. You can heart pictures that other users post and you can post your own pictures (or article). Whatever you do your followers will see it (heart or post) on your profile so make sure that your followers will like that pictures too.


For me this is everything! I post few pictures (max five) in the one day. So I post everyday few pictures. I also like to heart other users pictures but I like more to have an original feed and my own feed that I create with photos that I really like. You should post everyday if you want to become a hearter of the year. And I believe that most of you want to be that. It is not sometimes easy to post everyday but believe me if you really want that you can do everything. Of course that some day you can't post and it is okay but make sure that you will post the day after that day. Also, you must to find your "happy time" here. Im calling it "happy time" because your followers are online then. I like to post in the morning and in the evening I think that most of my followers are online in that time so I post then for my beautiful followers! And when you pick photo that you will post you need to write some tags and a caption. With tags people can easier find pictures that they are looking for so please if you post picture of some dress don't write tags about animals or food, write about that dress.


You also must to find out what tipe of pictures your followers like to see. Is it a fashion, a food, a makeup, a hair, a nails, an animals, a funny stuffs, a snekaers or something else. That can be anything! So make sure that all your followers will see pictures that they likes. Do your best to impress them and post for everyone a bit.


Collections are important if you posts everyday. Your pictures must have their own category where your followers will easier found them. For example in collection named "Food" you can find only food. I think it is not too hard to put your picture in the collection when you post them. And you need to know that some people can only follow one of your collection that they like to see, not all of them.


In a part of articles everything you must know is to be an original. If you are copying someones articles it is not good. You of course can do challenges that others do but that must be in your way. Don't forget this! Also articles is like a posts. You can use your imagination and write about everything you want. I think that articles are very cool and you can express yourself to your followers what is very


This is something pretty new on WHI. And you can win some trophies for your posts. Some of them is so easy and everyone can have them. For example: 10 posts, 100 posts, 5 collections, 10 hearts, 100 heart, 5 articles...

I think that is all from me for today. Hope you like this article and I hope that I helped you to become a popular! If you have some question just feel free to ask me! I will answer the same day. I can make a part 2 for all that I forget to write here so if you would like that please heart this article!
Love you all and have a good day! kisses xx

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