Hi beauties,
After a long time I decided to write a new article.
If you are reading this article it means your day wasn't so good but no worries we gonna try to get it in a beautiful day.

It's okay to don't feel good sometimes, take it as a break from your "feeling good" routine.


Don't waste time hiding your bad feelings

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Be aware of those because they are not going to disappear by holding them back in your soul.

Take 5 deep breaths

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At every breath think to throw out from your body every bad feeling.

Write down your feelings

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Sometimes during these days you can't speak with anyone because no one seems understanding you but only judging you. So keep an empty page and a pen and write down whatever you feel and what could get you feel better and to end some beautiful words to yourself.

Go for a walk (I back right now from this)

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when I was going out I was so angry and disappointed but after thinking to my situation during all my walk and trying accepting it as it is I back with a big smile and so much motivation.

Be grateful

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nothing more than gratitude could fill your heart, your body and your soul with positivity. Be grateful for having the possibility to valuate how often you feel good without being aware of it.

Stop comparing yourself to others

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we hear this thousand and thousands of times but it's not easy, at all. Others seems to live the best ot their life but it's not true, that's only what social media show us.

Last but not least self-care and self love

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we all know that being gentle and kind with ourselves overall on those moments is a priority. So do whatever you want, there is no rule for a soul in pain.

You are enough and you are beautiful with all your flows. At the end everything gonna be good but now stop wasting time, get up and do at least one thing that you will enjoy, go out with your friends and have fun whatever it cost, you deserve it.