Bonjour everyone. this is my really first article, and i apologize about my english if it's not perfect. So, I'm here, drinking red wine (what a cliché but it's true) and I really want to tell you and show you about how is it to spend an autumn in Paris (from my point of view, of course).


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When it's sunny outside, go to the Jardin du Luxembourg, les Buttes Chaumont or le Parc Montsouris for a walk and sit on a banch. If you're lazy and don't want to go out, just look at this wonderful orange light on the blue rooftops.


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Enfin! it's time to restart drink coffee again after the summer. Sit on a café terrasse with your friends or a book. At home, drink a cup of tea with ginger or cinnamon, in your bed.


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Fall is synonym of back to school. Time to go back do your homeworks at the Bibliothèque de la Sorbonne or in a café. Wear comfy clothes to go to university: large pants, little knit sweaters. Don't forget to read things you like for your own culture: it's the most important.


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Le voilà! It's finally cold and warm enough at the same time to wear it. With a skirt on sunny days and with a foulard when it's raining.


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just don't be depressed about the end of summer. Look how it's beautiful around you, take a deep breath and enjoy your first hot chocolate in front of an old french movie.