Often, when we are in our daily life; we struggle to stay sane. We struggle to be ourselves again. We lose ourselves. Everyday, I wake up, get dressed, drive to school, go to classes, go home, etc. I go about on my daily routine without even realizing it. I lost what I love to do. The endless hourglass fell from my hands and is slowing down as it crashes into nothing. I drove to school and noticed as people walked with their eyes glossy and not quite sadness but dazed almost. We have struggle to come back to life to see where we are. So many people get caught up in their daily life that we forget that we are human. We were made with a brain. That brain is to use for fully functioning activities. Education is overrated. We need to learn how to explore. Garden. Experience. We have lost that in our lives. We lost the wonder that use to dwindle inside us.

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