Day 24: Make a List of things you postpone

So today, on this fine, brisk October morning, I will be writing about the thing I am the best at: procrastinating. Now let me tell you just how fitting this topic is today. Yesterday, when I would normally write my post for the next day, I decided I would wait and watch Grey's Anatomy instead. Well, I woke up this morning and could have slapped myself because I realized I never got around to doing it. I could make a long list of everything I postpone, from renewing my license to peeing, but instead I have gathered just a handful that I will share with you, and I may or may not ramble on about them for a few sentences. But anyways, here are a few things that I always postpone:


Okay, look. I didn't plan this. I typed up the schedule for my blog and wrote some bullet points on what I would write in said post, so this has been my number one topic on this post for weeks. It's just the irony of the whole thing that makes me honest: I'm procrastinating writing about things I postpone, which just so happens to be the one things I postpone the most. The irony is thick with this one.

Anyways, I once again will ramble about how I used to write and then I stopped and now I am trying to again, so I am using those years of being like "I should write." "I will tomorrow" so I have content for my blog post. Blah blah blah.We all get it now. If you haven't gotten it yet, be sure to go back and read the rest of my 30 Day Writing Challenge. They're pretty much, the only posts I have posted right now, so you cannot miss them. :)

Telling How I Actually Feel

Okay Ladies and Gents, Buckle up. This is when it starts to take a turn. Once upon a time, there was this boy, we shall call him Boy. Boy was in love with this girl, we shall call her Girl. So Boy chases Girl for years, trying desperately to get her to date him, but Girl had no interest in him or having a long distance relationship, as Boy was leaving for the Navy. Boy and Girl lose contact with each other for a while, and when they reconnect, Girl decides why not give him a chance? So Boy and Girl begin long distance dating, which means they text a lot between working. Boy was over the moon. Girl was just glad she had someone to talk to. A few months pass, and Boy wants to marry Girl, but she takes it lightheartedly, not believing it would happen. A few months later, and he has told his family, and makes Girl tell hers, and they begin planning a wedding despite Girl wanting to keep it small and basically nonexistent. Two weeks before the wedding was supposed to happen, and Girl comes to her senses, realizing this was the last thing she wanted, and that she truly didn't love Boy. There was no way she could carry on with this any longer. So she finally tells Boy the truth and breaks his heart, but she moves on just fine, unscathed. Poor Boy.
Anyways kids, what we learn from this story is to always be honest with how we feel.

Doing things I've Always Wanted

Okay, Boys and girls. This one is where I once again remind everyone that I went to Warped Tour this year. I will spare everyone's time and just tell you to go read my Post from a couple of days ago, My First Time at Warped. I have always wanted to go, but only just now got a chance and I went and saw some of my faves, and it was great. We shall let that be that for this installment of JustAdeleMarie blog posts, and carry on with our lives.
Tune in tomorrow to read about a place I was happy in. It will be a short one, but hopefully a good one.