☾10 things that make you really happy ☽



Sit in the terrace of a coffee in Paris with my friends. Buy an iced tea and a pancake with chocolate and talk about everything and nothing.

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The sun which burns my skin.

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Put the music to the bottom and lower the windows of the car.

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Series and movies ,pizza and friends.

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Go to concerts and festivals between friends.

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Rain.Bathe me in the rain, go out in the rain, to dance in the rain, to live in the rain.

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When we put the hand in my hair.

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The beach.Waves, sand, perfumed oil.

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The sweatshirt of my friend with his smell.

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The fashion: clothes, shoes, secondhand clothes shops.

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It's my first article for 30 days writting challenge.I am French and my English is not completed but I hope that you liked.

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